Heading Back into the Studio for 3rd Album

Come early September we’ll be going back into the studio to track our third album. This will actually be our second attempt after technical issues from studio equipment failure marred our first attempt back in May.  It will feature all the new material that you may have heard gradually creeping into our live sets over the last year and a half. As always, it will be mixed and mastered by our own Mr. Greg Kowalczyk and released independently on CD and for digital download.  We’re currently hoping for a late fall/early winter release.

New Compilation Tracklisting

Here is the new track listing for the upcoming compilation album, soon to be pressed. It’s a good representation of what continues to make up a large part of our live sets, with the exception of the newest, unrecorded material that will be featured our next full-length album.  There are also a handful of covers songs provided as bonus (some standards, some one offs).  Furthermore, it will feature performances from the three drummers we’ve worked with over the last 5 years (Mark, Jaash and Derek).

1)Don’t Know What I’m Doin’
2)One Time Victim
3)One More Year
4)Work All Night
5)Surf Song
6)The City Blues
7)Stock Rock
8)Song 8
9)Take Me Out
10)Loaded Slogan
12)Blues Shoes
—-Live Covers—

13)Wipe Out (B. Berryhill, P. Connolly, J. Fuller, R. Wilson)
14)No Particular Place To Go (C. Berry)
15)Fire Of Love (J. Reynolds, S. Sturdivant)
16)Lil’ Liza Jane (Traditional)
17)Waiting For My Man (L. Reed)